Cloud-based scorekeeping software by StatBroadcast

StatInput is launching its pilot program for 2023 with compatibility for tennis and beach volleyball... additional sports will be coming soon

StatInput is a new way to do scorekeeping and track stats for your athletic events. Entirely browser-based, it can be used on any internet-connected device on any operating system (Mac, Windows, even iOS) and requires no downloads or software updates.

It's 'always-connected' architecture means that your stats are always being updated to our cloud so there is no need to worry about backups or redundancies. Issue with your device? Pick up where you left off and start scoring on another device.

StatInput also allows for multiple devices to access the same event, so you can have multiple people updating your matches at once, or have one person live scoring and another person entering corrections.

Feature Highlights

  • Runs in a browser, can be used on any device - laptop, tablet, ipad, even smartphones (Mobile-friendly)
  • Integrates seamlessly with StatBroadcast live stats
  • Automatically saves your progress, pick up and resume on another device
  • Can also save a backup to your device in case your internet connection is interrupted while scoring; the backup can then be loaded in once your connection has been restored
  • Allows multiple scorers for the same event --
    • Have two different scorers keeping track on different devices
    • Score on one device and make corrections/edits on another
  • Generate PDF reports on the fly
  • Export stats in compatible XML format for submission into NCAA School and Conference Manager (NSCM) or use in other XML applications
  • Compatible with StatBroadcast Scoreboard Bridge
  • Run full season stats and reports (coming Winter 2022)

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As part of our pilot program, StatInput will be included at no additional charge in all StatBroadcast academic year plans for 2022-2023. To use StatInput at your school, you'll need to log in to the Admin site and activate it on your account.