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Bulletin: 2022 NCAA LiveStats Football update and Live Feeds Issue Fix

Posted on Sep 08, 2022

Through the first two weeks of football season, we have seen issues in a handful of games with this year's version of NCAA LiveStats for Football and wanted to pass along the following bulletin/fix. In several games so far, schools have seen their live stats feed stop in the middle of a game due to a crash in the NCAA LiveStats In-Venue Feed function. (In-venue feed is Genius' plug-in that enables the creation of live XML data -- similar to StatCrew's Game Reports but behind-the-scenes). 

When this happens, there won't necessarily be an error message or warning that pops up anywhere on your stat computer, but you may notice that your game stops updating as well as your scoreboard (if it is relying on data from the IAU); we have made the Genius team aware of the issue but in the meantime have developed the following workaround, which was successful last week in immediately re-establishing the live feeds for sites that were able to complete these steps. 

In order to restore your live feed when this occurs, we recommend taking the following actions:
  • There is a new update available for NCAA LiveStats for Football released today (v1.46). Please make sure you've installed that prior to your next game as it may address some issues related to this. (Note: NLS Football will not let you proceed without installing this update so please leave ample time before your game to complete the update.) 

  • If your feed stops updating in-game while using either the In-Arena Utility (with Broadcastr) or StatBroadcast Listener. Please try the following to Restart the NLS In-Venue Feed:
    • In NCAA LiveStats, click on the Settings menu at the top of the screen and select 'In-Venue Feed'
    • In the 'LiveStats Setting' pop-up menu that follows, click on 'Stop In-Venue Feed' (and confirm with 'Yes, I'm Sure' and then 'Start In-Venue Feed'.
    • After restarting the In-Venue feed, you will need to reconnect your app:
      StatBroadcast Listener -- will automatically Stop Transmission. Click 'Start Transmission' again to re-establish connection.
      In-Arena Utility -- press the 'Stop' button in the lower right corner and then 'Start' to re-establish connection. (If feed does not restart, you may need to close and re-open the IAU). 

  • If those steps for restarting the In-Venue Feed do not restore the feed, you may need to completely close and re-open the NCAA LiveStats application. NCAA LiveStats automatically saves your progress and will pick up where left off. Closing and re-opening it mid-game is entirely safe and should take about 60-90 seconds to complete (which is why we do recommend waiting for a timeout to take this action so that your inputter does not fall behind): 
    • Close the current game from the File menu and then close the NCAA LiveStats for Football application
    • Re-open NCAA LiveStats for Football and select/re-open your game
    • Reconnect Listener and/or In-Arena Utility per the above instructions